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Covid-19 cases and recoveries as shown by John Hopkins. This is an example of why it is important to understand graphs.
Breaking Down Covid-19 with Math and Science
Katherine Schumacher, Staff Writer • January 5, 2021

Math and science are subjects that all students take throughout our schooling years. Many wonder how will I use this in the future? Well, what...

Ms. Alfaro is projecting her screen to her students online.
Teachers Unite To Engage Students Digitally
Lana Barrera, Editor-in-Chief • December 2, 2020

Due to the pandemic, most educators are required to teach at least partially online and have to learn new ways to engage students. Many teachers...

Mr. Seann Schiele, Oak Middle School STEM teacher, stands in front of the 3D printers in his classroom.
STEM Classes: Forging A Better Future for Oak Middle School Students
Melody Gibbons, Staff Writer • November 8, 2020

STEM. You have probably heard about the growing field of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. But did you know that Oak offers students...

Oak student playing basketball.
Sports and the Human Body

Since the start of quarantine, many students have started new sports or hobbies. Students at Oak also continue to participate in their Physical...

A picture of a club water polo team before Covid restrictions.
Playing Sports in the Pandemic

This global pandemic is limiting the way many students in schools continue with their sports programs. This is very sad for many dedicated athletes....

Oak students safely staying active outside.
Bear Witness to the Importance of Fitness

Why is physical health important? How will it benefit us in the future? These are even more important questions in our current state. COVID-19...

A Kindness Week poster in the front of campus.
Leadership Update (2/12)
Alexandra Nguyen, Leadership Student Liasion • February 12, 2021

Hello all, This week is known as Kindness Week, a week where we highlight spreading positivity and inclusiveness on campus. All Oak students...

A picture from Oak
Car Parades That Lift Up Spirits
Bella Perez, Editor-in-Chief • January 27, 2021

During the beginning of the pandemic, many people have not been able to celebrate their birthdays or other special events with their families...

Donations from Oak
Navigating the Holidays in a Pandemic
Tamara Glass, Staff Writer • January 5, 2021

It’s December and you know what that means…. holidays! Holidays amidst a pandemic will be different and maybe a cause for disappointment....

This is Emma Osbourne with this year
School Spirit on a T-Shirt
Tejas Bhalla, Staff Writer • January 5, 2021

Many activities are cancelled because of Covid-19, but one thing continues to remain the same is our school spirit. This is commonly found in...

A picture of our Oak choir prior to Covid-19 restrictions.
Oak Choir: Sing With Pride While Wearing a Mask
Bella Perez, Editor-in-Chief • December 2, 2020

Could you imagine being in choir and having to sing with a mask on? This is the reality for our Oak students. Lexy Jones, an eighth grade student...

Emma Osbourne, an Oak student, completes a Halloween themed masterpiece.
A Splash of Color with a Sprinkle of Social Distancing
Tamara Glass, Staff Writer • November 13, 2020

On a normal day in art class, there would be lots of interaction and supplies being shared between students. With the new hybrid schedule due...

A metal insulated bottle.
The Key to Hydration
Melody Gibbons, Staff Writer

On Oak Middle School’s campus, it’s not unusual to see students carrying water bottles between classes or using the water fountains scattered...

This is a holiday poster created by the leadership team to celebrate all the diverse holidays at Oak.
Holiday Delights
Lana Barrera, Staff Writer

December always has numerous traditions that families celebrate. Oak is a diverse community of students with many cultures and therefore many...

A student about to login to their Google Meet!
The Showdown: Google Meets vs Zoom
Tamara Glass, Staff Writer

Google Meets and Zoom have been extremely useful for schools around the world due to the recent events with Covid-19. Both apps are most commonly...

Leadership Update (2/23)
Alexandra Nguyen, Leadership Student Liasion • February 23, 2021

Hello all, Starting next week, Oak Middle School is starting the 21 Day Fully Charged Challenge, led by Ms. Reynolds, our amazing school counselor....

Acts of kindness All Around
Acts of kindness All Around
Katelyn Vasconcellos, Poetry Contest Winner • February 12, 2021

Acts of kindness all around Acts of kindness can be found A grasp of a hand Planting trees across the land An elderly man guided slowly across...

And kindness will come back to you
And kindness will come back to you
Zosia Yoon, Poetry Contest Winner • February 12, 2021

Roses are red Violets are blue Kindness is effortless And it is good to be kind to You don’t need to change your personality Because you...

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