The Great Mask Debate


One Oak student is wearing a cloth mask and the other is wearing a disposable mask.

In returning to school in the current pandemic, students and teachers alike are required to wear masks to follow the CDC and state health guidelines. Masks are important but what kind of mask are you choosing to wear? Here is a quick overview of Oak’s preference for disposable versus reusable masks. 

In a survey of our Oak students with 70 respondents, 85.5 percent of students preferred reusable over disposable masks. Students stated that the cloth mask is very environmentally friendly and creates less waste. 

The cloth mask is also much more economical; it’s a one-time purchase. Students also stated they are more comfortable and are made out of a far softer material. This makes it easier to wear for extended periods of time. One Oak student from the survey said, “Reusable masks are better for the environment, can have fun patterns and designs, are more comfortable.”

On the other hand, some students preferred disposable masks. Another Oak student claimed, “They are always the right fit because you can adjust them.” The advantages of these masks are also convenient to purchase and can be thrown away. These are also sold in a large pack and if one breaks, it is easily replaced.

Overall, both masks have many advantages. It’s just about preference. Whatever mask you choose, it’s just important you wear one.