Bear Witness to the Importance of Fitness


Oak students safely staying active outside.

Why is physical health important? How will it benefit us in the future? These are even more important questions in our current state. COVID-19 has brought new challenges to staying active. Even Oak’s Physical Education department has changed. Some teachers at Oak teach online and the others in person with restrictions. Yet, P.E. teachers are finding ways for students to stay active and reap the benefits of exercise.

According to The Dana Foundation, an organization dedicated to brain science, “Regular physical activity is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. Not only is exercise good for your muscles and bones, but it is also an important part of keeping your brain healthy too.”  

Exercise can extend your life and can help you feel your best. Mr. Brian Meckna, an Oak P.E. teacher, declares: “It’s not just living longer, it’s living a quality life.” Physical health has many positive benefits. It can improve your health, not just physically, but also mentally. According to the American Heart Association, other than improving your physical appearance, staying active can also help decrease physical and mental stress, promote better sleep, and prevent bone loss, which can lead to osteoporosis, a condition where your bones become brittle. 

It can be challenging to find exercises you enjoy. Mr. Meckna suggests, “… find something you like to do… and find some time to do it.” There can be many ways you can enjoy physical activity. If you like going to the beach, ride your bike. If you like nature, go for a hike. It’s all about doing something you can commit to. 

Adults may find it even more challenging to stay active due to time. Mr. Meckna can relate. He says that “I am kind of forced to [exercise] in the morning because I have a family.” To make time in a busy schedule, parents can work out with their children, which is positive for the whole family. 

Physical health is significant and shouldn’t be ignored. Find ways to incorporate fitness into your daily routine and don’t forget to make it fun.