Hand sanitizer: Your Opinion, Your Voice!


An Oak student using gel hand sanitizer on campus.

Hand sanitizer has suddenly had a spike in popularity due to the recent Covid-19 pandemic, and you can find sanitizer in every shape and size everywhere. From your local grocery store to classes at school, hand sanitizer is used for the safety of everyone.

There are many different types of hand sanitizers: Gel, spray, foam, and an assortment of many others. They are all said to do the same thing to protect us.  But which do our Oak students like the best? 

Thirty-five Oak Middle School students took a poll on which hand sanitizer they prefer. Forty-four percent preferred gel or spray, while the other fifty-six percent preferred foam and liquid.

Sixth-grade student Kensington Nelson claims, “I like the spray better because when you get gel and foam and everything just starts dripping everywhere. With spray, it’s just a few squirts… and done!” While on the other hand, another sixth-grade student, Maya Hernandez, chose foam because she likes “the texture of the foam.” 

Some students even found many different types of hand sanitizers such as gel calming. Since the gel feels cold in touch, many find it relaxing and de-stressing. One hand sanitizer that come in the form of wipes, Ariul, is made with Aloe vera and claims to be stress-relieving. 

While most use store-bought hand sanitizer, many also found ways to make their own at home. These recipes were popular during the shortage early in the pandemic. The most common way to make your own is to mix Aloe vera gel and alcohol.

Even with so many different brands and textures, in the end, they all have the same purpose. To keep us safe and healthy no matter what.