A Splash of Color with a Sprinkle of Social Distancing


Emma Osbourne, an Oak student, completes a Halloween themed masterpiece.

On a normal day in art class, there would be lots of interaction and supplies being shared between students. With the new hybrid schedule due to Covid-19 restrictions, all materials need to be cleaned after every student use, which is difficult given the shorter class periods.

Picking up pencils and paintbrushes and enjoying art with classmates has always been a fun experience, but when the pandemic hit, safety restrictions limited the ways artists could express themselves. Ms. Carrie Harbour is Oak Middle School’s newest art teacher. While teaching art during a pandemic could be difficult, Ms. Harbour is navigating it in her own special way.

“Right now, we are working on Inspirational art, we’re trying to lift the spirits of other classmates around us, while being creative,” states Ms. Harbour. Projects like these surround students with positivity and uplifting energy. 

While art itself hasn’t changed, the way it is being taught is. “It’s different, but the class is pretty fun and maybe one of my favorite classes,” states Brooke Miranda, an eight-grade student. 

Art isn’t just changing at Oak. As reported by Oxford Observer, the Talawanda School District in Oxford, Ohio, teaching art is also different from past years. Technology “has been a large component of making art through virtual classes.” Teachers in elementary, middle, and high schools are collaborating to create art activities meaningful to students.

Although art may not be the same, the joy and fun that comes with creating art has certainly remained. Ms. Harbour expressed, “sharing and collaboration are missed, so we have to find new ways and be creative.”

While still following safety guidelines, creativity and artistry are still in the atmosphere in Oak’s Visual Arts.