Hamilton Club: Rise Up!


This is a photo of the Hamilton Club members.

With the Walt Disney company paying over seventy-five million for the rights of the film, the movie Hamilton was introduced to Disney + in July of 2020. While it sounds like a lot of money, it was truly worth it. According to Playbill, the award-winning musical has sold over 1.46 million copies since September of 2016.

This film is based on an original Broadway production and tells the story of Alexander Hamilton, Secretary of the Treasury during President George Washington’s first term. The musical blends jazz, hip-hop, as well as other forms of dance and the music is composed by Lin Manuel Miranda.

At Oak, we have a club dedicated to this musical. The Hamilton Club meets up every Thursday after Cohort A, in the choir room. During the club, students talk, listen to the Hamilton soundtrack, sing, and sometimes even watch the movie. The club is supervised by our choir teacher Mr. Mizuki and ran by sixth-grade students Violet Moran and Celine Rhee.

When it comes to running a school club during the pandemic, there are lots of rules and restrictions that have been placed for the safety of everyone, such as restricting the number of people and wearing masks. Celine explains that due to the restrictions it is a struggle to “try and connect with others while wearing a mask for only a little bit every Thursday.”

One of the best parts of the Hamilton Club sharing something you love with others who enjoy it.  Violet states her favorite part of the club so far has been learning everybody’s names and hobbies, as well as singing and listening to Hamilton with the other members. 

Even with all the hard parts, this club has made a safe space for students to make friends with similar hobbies. The club allows students to express themselves by singing, dancing, and having so much fun while doing so.