The Showdown: Google Meets vs Zoom


A student about to login to their Google Meet!

Google Meets and Zoom have been extremely useful for schools around the world due to the recent events with Covid-19. Both apps are most commonly used for students to communicate and learn through devices from a distance. With a simple click of your mouse, you can connect with your teachers and classmates even though you are miles apart. Crazy how the technology works! 

Although both apps serve the same purpose, they are very different from each other. In a survey conducted, fifty-five Oak students voiced their opinions on which they prefer better. Fifty-eight percent of students chose Zoom over Google Meets. 

Google Meet has many different features and add-ons available, which can make things a little tricky but also very handy for teachers. Zoom on the other hand, has features that are more favored by students, like being able to change your name displayed and being able to customize your  background. Most of these features are very straightforward in how to use and navigate. 

Wyatt Adkins, a sixth-grade student at Oak states,“ I prefer Zoom because you can have more people on Zoom with less lag, you can change your name, and you can have a personalized background.” While another seventh-grade student, Marisa Barlin, states, “Google Meets doesn’t make my Chromebook glitchy, and the virtual background works.”

Google Meets has its fair share of positives and negatives. It’s easier to switch from tab to tab, making it more convenient to do schoolwork during the meeting. The features are very organized and colorful, which makes it pleasant and enjoyable to navigate. 

Zoom, however, is organized differently. You can see more people at once, and it has a dark theme to it. The features are very simple and easy to navigate. You can also use a private chat with the teacher, which can be helpful for students to ask questions. On Zoom you can see everyone participating in the meeting on your screen, this is easier for teachers and students to observe and engage in-class time. You can also do this in Google meet too, you just have to change the view to grid style.  

Nevertheless, when you put differences aside both Google Meets and Zoom have been very reliable in helping teachers and students connect.