Oak Choir: Sing With Pride While Wearing a Mask


A picture of our Oak choir prior to Covid-19 restrictions.

Could you imagine being in choir and having to sing with a mask on? This is the reality for our Oak students. Lexy Jones, an eighth grade student stated, “Yes we do, but it’s better than not being able to practice altogether.”

Although there is a slight inconvenience of having to wear masks, there are still positives along with the negatives. Because of Covid-19, choir students are not able to practice the same way as before. Lexy stated, “We are finding a way to work around what we can’t do and make it happen in a virtual way.” The best way to work past the disadvantages is to practice and learn how to work around it. 

Choir is a very important part of Oak Middle School because it not only entertains people but it helps teach students how to perform and use their skills to their advantage. In class they enjoy singing, dancing, and performing with their fellow classmates. 

Although Covid-19 has affected these students, they still manage to do shows. Instead of large audiences in a theater, these resemble drive-in movie theatres. Lexy mentions, “There is an upcoming show and you guys should check it out!” The show is on December 22, 2020.

It is so amazing to see how much of a family the choir team is. They act as a beautiful and musical family to each other. An 8th grade student claimed, “My favorite part of choir is that we are all like a family to each other, and everyone is so supportive and I’m so grateful for my second family.”

Even though there are many challenges, they figure out a way to be kind and supportive to one another.