Playing Sports in the Pandemic


A picture of a club water polo team before Covid restrictions.

This global pandemic is limiting the way many students in schools continue with their sports programs. This is very sad for many dedicated athletes. Sports have many benefits to young people, such as helping them stay off their screens, providing a space to make new friends, and time to explore the outdoors.

One Oak student, Isabella Perez, plays club water polo and has had her fair share of challenges with the pandemic. There have been many changes to her practices. She said: ” Although we get to practice there are a lot of safety precautions such as: we have to wear masks at all times [while not in the water], we have to stay six feet apart at all times in and out of the water, and we aren’t allowed to share equipment or pass; the goalies have to put a boey on their hands to block the ball.”

Despite the restrictions that may make it difficult, many students continue to participate. There are many benefits still. According to Stanford’s Children’s Health, children that play sports “learn valuable social skills like cooperation, teamwork, self-confidence, and perseverance. This kind of positive reinforcement can help your child develop self-confidence…” These are all things that more active kids will be benefited from at an early age.

Overall the world of sports has many great benefits. While students might be frustrated that their sports do not look the same, these activities are still a great way to keep children fit and happy.