Leadership Update (December 11th)


One of our leadership students writing a holiday gram.

Hello everyone, 

This week in Oak Middle school Leadership we are collectively working towards our Winter- themed spirit week. The holidays are coming by quicker than we expected, so we are working fast to get our activities done as soon as possible.

Our ASB development, who leads our 6th grade leadership, is working on creating and managing all of the free winter grams that you can send to your friends in the other cohort, or even at home. They create the winter grams and send them out to the students. So far we have had around 160 grams that are being sent around to all Oak students!  

Community Service and Spirit and Activities are working together on spreading holiday spirit by creating posters and announcements honoring the diverse December and January celebrations.

The recognition group is working on helping to bring smiles to all of our teachers and staff’s faces by continuing to recognize them with amazing posters. They also made certificates for our Holiday Sweater competition winners. 

Our Student Liaisons are working on updates for the Mane Page and analyzing data from the surveys that we had Oak Students take form their grade level google classrooms. They have collectively put together a presentation and will share the data on Wednesday, our online day. They are also writing an end of year email to our staff.

Our Publicity Team is finishing up their morning announcements and working on their current project, Leo’s Corner. They add tips for students in the morning announcements, and they recognize clubs and birthdays weekly in your 1st period class. 

Just a heads up, we have an upcoming event: PJ Day! Wear your best and most spirited PJ’s next Friday. 

Thank you, and Happy Holidays!

Alexandra Nguyen

Melanie Stewart

Erin Garrett