Breaking Down Covid-19 with Math and Science


Covid-19 cases and recoveries as shown by John Hopkins. This is an example of why it is important to understand graphs.

Math and science are subjects that all students take throughout our schooling years. Many wonder how will I use this in the future? Well, what if you could use math and science to help better understand Covid-19?

One way to understand Covid-19 is with epidemiology. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, more commonly known as the CDC, “Epidemiology is concerned with the patterns and frequency of health events in the population.” One important part about Epidemiology is learning more about coronaviruses, particularly Covid-19. As stated by 7th-grade science teacher, Mr. Matt Maya, “Covid is a type of virus so it is a specific type of coronavirus. It is a novel which means it is a new Coronavirus we haven’t seen before.” 

Charts, graphs, rates, and data all can be used in epidemiology. These are all things we learn in our math classes at Oak! We also learn about the science of disease. 

Graphs are very important when it comes to learning about any disease because they can be key to better understanding. According to a 7th-grade math teacher, Mr. Jason Sliwa, “graphs can be skewed, or changed based on what it is about; while on the other hand, numbers can not.” This means graphs can be changed depending on who creates it and what it’s about. With this in mind, learning how to interpret graphs, such as reading the titles and the relationship between the axis, and how they are presented in the news can help us further our understanding of this disease. 

For instance, using science and math, you can find how Covid-19 spreads throughout the world and how long it takes to spread the virus. With this information you can take different types of graphs and individualize each part of learning about Covid-19.

Without math and science, it would be very difficult to understand how this virus works and how it is spreading. This is why learning about mathematics and science now can be so useful in the real world.