School Spirit on a T-Shirt


This is Emma Osbourne with this year’s t-shirt design.

Many activities are cancelled because of Covid-19, but one thing continues to remain the same is our school spirit. This is commonly found in wearing Oak gear. Early this school year, there was a competition to design the 2020-2021 t-shirt. This year’s shirt was designed by Emma Osbourne. 

The process of creating interesting and intriguing designs is specific to each creator. Even the artist behind this year’s t-shirt made many adjustments before submitting her final design. According to Emma, the student who made this year’s design, said, “my favorite part of making the shirts was tracing the design’s outline, and my least favorite part was reducing color because I felt that there was too much.”

For middle school artists, it is a great experience for students to practice apparel design. It is also great for school spirit for the students to sport a shirt designed by one of their peers.

And there are many things that people of all ages can learn through the process of designing the shirts and what works best. For example, a Canva article explained: “You may want to consider running surveys or market research to determine what styles, looks and fabrics they prefer before you start designing. Doing this from the get-go can help save you time and money down the track.” This is exactly why Oak held a contest- to get as many submissions as possible to select the perfect design for this year’s t-shirt. 

You can purchase the t-shirt to commemorate this unique year at the front office for only $12. Get yours to wear for our next spirit day!