Sports and the Human Body


Oak student playing basketball.

Since the start of quarantine, many students have started new sports or hobbies. Students at Oak also continue to participate in their Physical Education classes. With so much of the studies turned digital and therefore in front of a computer, students will achieve many benefits from continued activity. The body stays well oxygenated and leads to an overall increase in well being. 

According to Manhattan Medical Arts, “getting indulged [involved] in physical activities like sports improves your heart function, reduces the risk of diabetes, controls blood sugar, and lowers tension and stress levels.”  This means that sports and physical activity affect the present and can cause many positive impacts on the body in the  future.

Increasing physical activity in one area can make it easier in others. Seventh-grade student Garrett Stilinovich claims that “playing lacrosse has strengthened my ability to run faster.” Faster running can help with other physical abilities and strengths such as running the mile in PE or running a 5K. 

Sports can also help your mood. Oak Physical Education teacher Mr. Brian Meckna states that,  “physical activity makes you feel better which makes you feel healthier and improves your mood.” This can help you feel better throughout the day and feel more energized. 

Moreover, physical activity also helps with breathing. When you play sports and are active, one also keeps the body well oxygenated. When your body has more oxygen, it makes it easier to function. So by training your lungs more with exercise, you are essentially making breathing easier.

With exercise and physical activity, it is leading  to a better present and future.