Car Parades That Lift Up Spirits


A picture from Oak’s 6th Grade Lion Pride Parade.

During the beginning of the pandemic, many people have not been able to celebrate their birthdays or other special events with their families and friends. Although it is always fun to spend time with people you love, gathering in groups has become unsafe due to the new coronavirus. However, some people have found a way to maintain social distancing while celebrating these life events. All you have to do is get in your car and sing happy birthday from afar. 

Car parades have become even more popular throughout the year. Many decorate their cars for the parade or bring other safe items such as balloons, confetti poppers, and maybe even some individually packaged snacks for everyone. 

Birthday car parades help children have both a fun and safe day. According to Mrs. Morgan Siegmann, one of Oak’s history teachers, her favorite part of her birthday parade celebration was, “that my family and friends took time out of their day just to drive by my house to wish me happy birthday!” 

These celebrations not only help the kids, but it also helps the parents. Whether they are working from home or an essential worker, parents want their children to feel special on this day. Mrs. Siegmann states “I think it helps them plan something for their kids to make the celebrations special.”

According to Indy With Kids, it is very easy to throw a drive-by birthday celebration. Here are some of their suggestions:

1)Decorate your lawn to look festive and fun.

2)Play some of the birthday person’s favorite songs.

3)Pass out some individually wrapped treats.

These amazing car celebrations don’t even have to be for a birthday! It could be to welcome someone home, say goodbye to someone who is moving, or even to celebrate an award from school. For example, Oak Middle School turned their Lion Pride Breakfast into a car parade. The Oak staff celebrates the students with a lawn sign and certificate while they drive by. They even get to take a socially distanced picture!

Overall, this is a safe and fun way to be with your loved ones on special occasions. Until we can safely gather again, these car parades are proven to be very uplifting and positive which make everybody happy in the end.