Leadership Update (2/12)


A Kindness Week poster in the front of campus.

Hello all,

This week is known as Kindness Week, a week where we highlight spreading positivity and inclusiveness on campus. All Oak students should feel like they belong here.

On Monday, we hung up posters with examples of Random Acts of Kindness, such as post a positive comment on social media or say hi to someone new. Students also watched a video on inclusivity in their Monday Video Announcements. Throughout this week, students will be watching other videos on why language matters, making amends, self-kindness, and being an ally on campus.

On Tuesday, we hung up posters with personalized notes for each student on campus and at home. We also created chalk art on campus with inspiring quotes. 

On Thursday, students received a kindness sticker with the acronym THINK on it to remind students to THINK before they speak, text, or post. On Friday, students received a packet of seeds to give to someone else as a random act of kindness. 

Throughout this week, students could also participate in a Kindness Week Flipgrid, sharing acts of kindness they have done for others or acts of kindness someone has done for them. Students could also participate in our Kindness Week Poetry Contest. Check out The Mane Page for the winners! Our spirit and activities also created a playlist with kind music to play before school starts so that students feel welcome and positive when they enter the school campus. 

Leadership also will be writing anonymous notes for students to find in our library books and we also donated the book, All Are Welcome, to each elementary school. We hope this week inspires students to always be kind!


Alexandra Nguyen

Mel Stewart

Student Liaisons