Winter in March


While it starts getting warmer here in California temperatures start to drop in Texas.

Many people are aware of the recent frigid temperatures and massive blizzards in Texas that left severe damage. Texans lost power, shelter, as well as access to food and hot water. Some families are facing damage that could take days, weeks, or even months to repair. So, what can California do to help Texans living in these terrible conditions?

Oak Middle School Leadership put together a fundraiser for this cause. Oak staff, Community Service, Scholarship Club, and even our greater community participated in this fundraiser. According to Delilah Martinez, an 8th-grade Leadership student, you could have participated in the fundraiser “through March first to March twelfth because we are trying to get donations.”

When this relentless storm hit, it affected the water systems in Texas. As reported by CNN News, this disrupted more than 1200 public water systems. Because of this, hundreds of thousands of people boiled water to drink. Some people lost water altogether and even had to flush toilets with melting snow. 

Electric grids were also damaged by frigid blasts of Arctic weather. There have been 3.5 million power outages in Texas. As temperatures decreased, families needed to turn on their heat but there was no power for millions of people. As stated by two Texans, people died trying to stay heated.

Additionally, Texans had nowhere to store their spoiling products, so food needed to be provided by the cities. As stated in the New York Times News, “Texas House Speaker announced legislative hearing looking into the widespread power failures…” Furthermore, “the storm is hampering the coronavirus vaccine efforts… storm forced vaccination states to close across the South and is stopping the shipments of doses,” the New York Times reports. 

From this fundraiser, Oak Middle School raised over $700 and will be going towards all of the damages because of the storm in Texas. This campaign might be over but there are still ways to help. Visit the American Red Cross or other relief organizations to donate.