Calligraphy Is Making A Comeback!


Worksheets calligraphy students use to practice their skills.

During this age of technology, the art of calligraphy is becoming less common. More people have spent their time typing on computers or drawing digitally. In an effort to keep this beautiful form of art alive, Oak Middle School hosts a calligraphy club every Tuesday after Cohort A.

Supervised by 6th-grade Science teacher Ms. Caitlyn Morrison and run by 6th-grade student Luna Moon, Oaks Calligraphy Club is a welcoming space for anyone who wishes to learn and practice calligraphy. 

Calligraphy is a beautiful form of art, related to writing which is structured by using different writing techniques and tools, to shape beautiful letters. As stated by How Joyful, a website teaching the history and art of calligraphy, “In the Middle East and East Asia, calligraphy by long and exacting tradition is considered a major art, equal to sculpture or painting. In Western culture, the plainer Greek- and Latin-derived alphabets and the spread of literacy have tended to make handwriting in principle an art that anyone can practice.” 

The art of calligraphy takes lots of work and takes time. According to Ms. Morrison, “an important thing to keep in mind while learning calligraphy is that practice is key. It takes a lot of practice in learning when pressure is needed in calligraphy as well as other sides of calligraphy in general.” 

Calligraphy means different things to everyone, to some it shows beauty, others hard work; so when Luna was asked what calligraphy means to her, she said “Calligraphy is pretty letters that show their mind, each letter looks different from the last!” 

Even if you just want to make art and have fun, many students use Calligraphy Club as a time to show their imagination and express themselves with different forms of creativity. So if you just want to draw, practice calligraphy, or just have fun, calligraphy club is the place to be!