Leadership Update (3/23)


Poster for the Oak Olympics.

This week in Oak Middle School Leadership, we are working on the first ever Oak Olympics.  The Oak Olympics is a series of events and competitions that all students in every grade level and cohort can compete in.  Even online students are eligible to participate in a few activities we have planned!

Every day we have different activities for each grade level.  Grade levels can compete in various competitions and activities to gain points for their grade.  All activities before cohorts in person will be socially distant and safe for students to engage in. We encourage students to come before their cohorts to compete in the in-person activities we have on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. 

On Monday, we’ll play bingo in a google meet with both online and in-person students; students who will be participating in the bingo activity will be the ones scoring for their grade level. There will be a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winner.  We will also have an activity where you can guess where in the world Leo the Lion is. This can be done with both online and in-person students anytime in the day accessible through your grade level google classroom. 

On Tuesday, we have an in-person activity: Hula hooping!  Students will hula hoop until their hoop drops. The last person with a hoop wins points for their grade. We also have digital Kahoot students can participate in. 

On Wednesday, we’ll have a digital scavenger hunt where students will find something around their houses and solve the riddles of the scavenger hunt. 

On Thursday, we have another in-person activity: rock paper scissors!  Play rock paper scissors with your classmates and win points for your grade level. We’ll also have a fandom Kahoot being run after your cohort. 

 On Friday, you can shoot your shot to get your grade level points.  We will also have a google meet for everyone to join so that you can participate in our Guess the Theme song activity!  Guess the Theme song and compete against your classmates to win points for your grade.

Come join us! United we play. United we win!

Alexandra Nguyen

Student Liaison