Boba at Oak


Picture of Boba or Bubble Tea.

Every day, Oak Middle School students can be seen with different extravagant drinks: bright orange smoothies, sugary sodas, coffees topped with whipped cream, ten individual bubble tea flavors, all consumed on a regular basis. One of the most common among these is bubble tea, appearing in students’ hands at startling rates. 

In a survey conducted at Oak Middle School, students polled about what beverages they most often consumed. Out of 14 different responses, 18 percent of students answered that they drink Boba (bubble tea) most often. Boba is, at its core, a tea drink with a wide range of toppings with tapioca balls occurring most frequently. It is a frequent find in the hands of Oak students. 

Boba originates from Taiwan in the early 1980s but started gaining popularity in California in the early 2000s. With many specialty chains and shops, Boba today has more prevalence than ever before. Close by to Oak is One Zo Boba and Tea Tree Cafe, both rated about 4.5/5 stars on Yelp. 

Eighth-grade student Sofia Linzaga claimed that she gets Boba tea whenever she goes out. For the average middle school student, it isn’t unusual to get a drink when they go out, but it goes to show that Boba must be very appealing to middle school students if they choose it every time. 

While open to debate, based on the surveyed students and any general observations on campus, Boba is one of, if not the most popular drink for Oak Middle School students. So, next time you see Boba tea on a menu or shop sign, find out if you agree!