Ease the Mind


Mindful Mondays in progress with students who need to ease their minds.

Does you ever wish to relax just for a few moments? For some middle school and high school students, school has been especially stressful this year with the pandemic. In response, Ms. Reynolds, one of Oak Middle School’s P.E teachers, created Mindful Mondays.

Every Monday, students get to unwind and clear their minds from all of the weight of their lives. Ms. Reynolds creates an ambiance in her class that would ease both the mind and soul. As stated by Ms. Reynolds, “I felt there was a need, especially due to the current pandemic… the research that I have seen about the breathing, the yoga, and stretching and how it is good for the mind and the body…” All the students have to do is bring an optional yoga mat and enjoy the relaxation.

When practicing yoga and mindfulness, there are many physical benefits. According to American Osteopathic Association, yoga and meditation can increase flexibility, muscle strength, improve respiration, energy, vitality, and more. 

Although it has a significant impact on one’s physical well-being, it also benefits one’s mental health. As stated in Healthline, “multiple studies have shown that it can decrease the secretion of cortisol, the primary stress hormone.” There was also a study of twenty-four women in distress then after three months of the yoga program, women had significantly lower levels of cortisol. There was another study of 131 people that had similar results where they were in yoga which reduced stress.

Yoga and meditation can also help others cope with feelings of anxiety. There was one study of thirty-four women with anxiety disorder and practiced yoga and meditation twice a week for two months with the result of the women having lower levels of anxiety.

When in a stressful situation, many people need something to do to calm their nerves down. This is what Mindful Mondays do: it can help countless students escape their stress and anxiety even just for a few moments. This will benefit, not only their physical, but also mental well-being.