United We Play, United We Win


A picture of one of the posters made by Leadership to encourage participation!

Many students at Oak Middle School are familiar with spirit weeks. For the past two months, Oak Leadership worked on a new spirit week called Oak Olympics, which lasted from March 29th to April 2nd. The Oak Olympics is a competition between grade levels where they can dress up or participate in activities on campus for prizes. These activities are why it is called Oak Olympics! 

Oak Olympics are another great way of demonstrating school spirit, it can generate excitement and joy! Amelia Adkins, an 8th-grade Leadership student, helped get the word out by bringing in a hype video on the video announcements. She states, “This is a good spirit week because it encourages students to dress up to help out their grade level.” 

Oak Olympics are organized so each grade level competes against each other by participating in the daily challenges. It could be anything from rock paper scissors to a hula hoop competition. Each day one would wear something based on the day it is like PJ Day or Neon day. All grade levels compete to win candy, and gift cards to places like; Starbucks, Crispy Cream, Amazon, and Target. 

Some days like Wednesday and Tuesday for example radiate joyful and exciting energy to campus. On Tuesday students dressed in their Jerseys for Jersey Day, they then participated in a Sports Kahoot and a Hula Hoop competition! For the Hula Hoop competition students gathered socially distanced before school and competed for who could hula hoop the longest. Wednesday was wacky sock day, with a digital scavenger hunt! Students submitted photos to clues given in a Google Form. 

Events like these give off good energy for school spirit, which makes the school day go by much smoother. According to the Harris Poll, a survey was conducted with 1,500 students about their school pride and its effect on academics. 75% of the students with high school spirit perform above average academically. While only 42% of students with low school spirit perform above average. This indicates that students with school spirit are more likely to further their education and go to college. 

Student achievement not only ties into how one behaves academically but can also be strengthened by having school spirit. With spirit weeks like Oak Olympics, it gives students at Oak the opportunity to engage and to bring encouragement to students every single day!