Advanced Art: Using Art to Get Outside


Advanced Art students draft of people and the human structure.

As spring approaches, it is getting warmer outside, leading some teachers moving their students outside in fun ways. Some teachers do small group activities outside of classrooms or around campus. One class, in particular, has made a fun, yet an artistic way to get out and draw! 

Advanced Art students recently started a project on drawing the human body, which allows them to get outside, towards the Physical Education area, while still using their art skills. While this lesson did not start off with getting outside, it has now formed into bringing their sketchbooks and drawing other students who are also working outside. 

Before taking things outdoors students are learning more about the human structure. As stated by 7th and 8th grade Art teacher Ms. Carrie Harbour, “ We looked at skeletons and how the different shapes relate to each other. We also talked about the Fibonacci Sequence,  and the golden ratio and how that is on the human form as well.” 

According to Nitram, a website teaching about all things art, “It is incredibly rare to see people drawing or painting outside these days.” Moving outside and drawing is an awesome way to bring back that idea of being artistic, while not being stuck indoors.  

However moving outside came with some challenges. PE includes activities such as running, kicking a ball, or other forms of Free Play, so nobody is staying still. This makes it more difficult to capture movement. According to 7th-grade advanced art student Garrett Stilinovich, “ It takes practice just because everything’s happening so fast.”

Even with the tricky parts, Advanced Art is finding unique ways to get out while still learning more about art! From first learning about the skeleton and structure to sketching other students at Oak, it is good to see students getting some fresh air while doing what they love.