Get Your Lunch at Oak!


The school’s wonderful lunch ladies bagging up lunch for students!

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and if you skip it Lunch is next in line! Especially with going to school and doing rigorous school work, it’s important to have enough energy to be able to get through the day. Not only does food give you energy but it also makes you happier, and fuels your brain! This is why Oak provides breakfast, and lunch to students every single day. 

The school lunches are packed with nutrients and proteins that fuel the student’s mind and body during the school day. “We follow specific guidelines, so you get a certain amount of protein, meat, milk, fruits and vegetables,” says Ms. Maury, one of the school’s lunch ladies. 

 Popular lunch items at Oak students include; Orange Chicken with Rice, Pick up Stix, and Papa John’s Pizza. The Orange Chicken with Rice is served with whole wheat brown rice and orange chicken, which has 14gm of protein and a total of 258 calories. Papa John’s Pizza is served with 1 slice of either pepperoni or cheese with fruits and vegetables, and it has 21gm of protein with a total of 330 calories. Pick up Stix is served with house chicken and brown rice, and it has 17gm of protein with a total of 330 calories.  

A poll was conducted with 14 respondents, several students stating they enjoyed Papa John’s pizza and Pick Up Sticks. Not only are these lunch items incredibly delicious, they are also Smart Snack approved and served with a healthy balance of fruits and vegetables. “This year, I enjoyed chicken sandwiches and the pasta the most! Getting lunch is convenient and I can get it right after school to eat when I get home, they’re the same quality as last year and taste great!” states a 7th grade student, Ethan Bedetti. 

According to Healthy Food Choices, students who eat full nutritious meals like the ones provided in school, have an improved attention span, higher test scores, a better visualization of schoolwork, and a better mood throughout the day. With the right balance of protein, iron, and nutrients all of these academic skills can be applied to students, all from eating school lunch! 

With Covid-19, school lunches are not only served differently, but the way to get school lunches is also very different. Because of the short hybrid school days, students can go after school in the front of the school and pick up bagged lunches. These lunches are free for everyone but recently less students have been getting lunch. “Its very sad because I love getting the chance to socialize with students and give them a chance to get to know us,” states Ms. Maury. 


With all of this information about Oak’s lunch, it’s safe to say that the meals are very delicious and student approved! So whenever you get the chance to order lunch, don’t hesitate to see if you enjoy it because its free!