The Olympics Are Coming to Oak

Winning students in the Oak Olympics.

Winning students in the Oak Olympics.

The Olympics have come to Oak! The Oak Olympics are many different activities students can participate in their Physical Education class. There are even prizes for the winners!

This activity is done in Ms. Reynolds and Ms. Velasco’s classes. These competitive events take place everywhere around the P.E. area, such as the blacktop, running track, grass, and basketball hoops. These teachers have created this to add a fun twist  to their workouts. Students go head to head to win the top 3 prizes. Winners of each activity places in first place, second place, and third place. Each winner gets a picture, water bottle, and a protein bar!  

The sports include the “4 40”(running), soccer, free throws (basketball shots), hula hooping, sit ups, planks, and jumping rope. Depending on the event activities are timed, such as hula hooping. Other activities are based on numbers, such as free throws, jumping rope, and soccer dribble.

The Oak Olympics give students fun ways to compete for the top 3 places. Some students show more interest in one sport than the other, some students might find something new they want to try!