Fun Facts about Fitness Friday

Students participating in Fitness Friday.

Students participating in Fitness Friday.

It’s Friday and you know what that means…no you’ve guessed incorrectly, it’s not the weekend, it’s…Fitness Friday! You may think it’s just working out and getting sweaty. However, there’s more fun facts and history about Fitness Friday than what you may think. 

As I’m sure you’re already aware of, all students participate in Fitness Friday. The activities include jump roping, running, medicine balls and lunges (combined), push ups, sit ups, jump squats, wall sits, and jumping jacks. The stations take place on the black-top, while the running takes place on the field. Students stay at each station for 40 seconds. The students running run until the students doing the stations finish doing all of the stations. This all happens at P.E. class every Friday. 

Now to go more into the history of Fitness Friday. According to Mr. Meckna, one of our P.E. teachers, “Fitness Friday started 6 years ago and was the brainchild of Mr. Main when he was teaching P.E.” Mr. Meckna states, “The P.E. department develops the stations trying to help students develop a high level of fitness and score high on the state mandated FitnessGram test. We target different muscle groups at each station.” This means the stations were created to help build your strength. 

Lastly, have you ever wondered: Why do we do Fitness Friday? Well, I’ve got you covered. According to Mr. Meckna, “Fitness Fridays help us with our strength and cardiovascular fitness. Coupled with Running Day, student mile times that are used to evaluate cardiovascular fitness have dropped tremendously. Years ago, P.E. classes might have one student under an eight minute mile, now some classes have 50% of students running miles under an 8:30 time. The improvement has been remarkable, and Fitness Friday has played a role in that.” This means Fitness Friday has helped improve our strength and on our mile times. 

Although many students think Fitness Friday is painfully tiring and a waste of time, it helps students achieve much better scores on the FitnessGram test. Also, it improves mile times extremely. It also helps build up strength. It’s good for you!