Want to be a leader?

Students making posters for our campus.

Students making posters for our campus.

Are you a fan of art and activities? Do you like dress-up days and spirit weeks? If you do, have you considered Leadership? If you don’t completely know what it entails, let me explain it to you.

The Leadership elective is a class led by Ms. Siegmann in room 4. The class consists of seventh-and-eighth-grade students who are all planning to be leaders! There are 6 groups in Leadership, and they each do something different. The groups are ASB Development, Student Liaisons, Community Service, Spirit and Activities, Publicity, and Recognition. We usually work on separate projects, but we work together on important events, such as PEACE Week and Red Ribbon Week.

Max is a 7th grader who participates in Leadership. He said he joined the elective because he likes being a leader and role model for others. Max also explained what we do in Leadership, saying that “We make projects so that others can have fun.”

Leadership is a class where we create entertaining posters and projects for other students. The class has no quizzes or tests, and you are graded on effort, participation, behavior, and your notebook. After all, Leadership is all about your capability to be responsible, respectful, and creative.