Party on the Blacktop

		Layla Whitehead, 6th grader, serving a volleyball.

Layla Whitehead, 6th grader, serving a volleyball.

Do you like PE? I think that this is a question that all students wonder.  Mr. Meckna, Mr. Stembridge, and Ms. Velasco are the PE teachers here at Oak.  They teach out on the blacktop behind the locker rooms. 

Every Friday, most people participate in an activity, held by the teachers, called Fun Friday.  Also, 30 minutes of exercise is recommended, but lots of people get much more than that.  Another Fun Fact is that when you exercise in the morning, scientists found that you get more out of it because it is the first time you exercised for that day. 

Madison Frank, a 6th grader, had Ms. Velasco for PE.  Her favorite activity to do in PE is jump rope, which takes a lot of practice.  Even though PE may be hard, she loves her teacher, Ms. Velasco because it is fun. 

Though PE may be challenging at points, it is important.  Sometimes it can also be fun.  If you have the right mindset, space, and teachers, PE is awesome in many ways.