Soccer is Super!

Students playing soccer in PE.

Students playing soccer in PE.

Do you like playing soccer? Soccer is one of the largest sports out there today. There are many good players too, along with a dedicated fan base.

There are many interesting facts about soccer. Some of these facts include soccer around the world is known as football except in Canada and the United States. Also the longest professional soccer club has been around since 1863. People all over the world tune in to watch the World Cup, a national soccer event. Also the earliest soccer match can be tracked back almost 3000 years.

The person I interviewed was Jacob Chapman. He has been playing soccer for 8 years. He got into soccer because his sister started playing soccer. One of his best game scores is 5 to 1 which his team ended up winning. He plays for Club soccer which is a private soccer club that you can win prizes from.

The conclusion of this is soccer is one of the most popular sports. Also it is good to be informed about because it is a fun sport to watch and play.